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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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at first police only gave a her a ticket for not changing lanes safely. the unchange safe charge carries a 90-dollar charge. tony. >> well, sarah, the u.s. attorney general may be a step closer in being held of contempt of congress. the house is scheduled a hearing -- a hearing at 10:00
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this morning. that program was started under bush and spots -- lawmakers say attorney general eric holder is withholding important documents. >> this is a stand off that's been more than a year in the making in the wake orfrays and furious gun operation and it may all come to a head today. the stand off have congress on one side, the justice department on the other. if u.s. attorney general could face a committee vote today to hold him in contempt of congress. >> they rejected what i thought was ranks today nair offer on my part. >> it's a classic question, who knew what when about fast and furious, the atf program that intentionally allow guns to flow into mexico in order to track them. one of them was used to kill u.s. agent. he came to capitol hill to offer up some documents that
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republicans repeatedly sought for months but only a few. about 140,000 documents related to the program the justice department has only turned over about 8,000, 5% and not good enough for republican congressman. >> for refusal of documents that are relevant to a lawful subpoena, we have no doubt and no choice but to hold him in contempt. it's not our choice. >> and absent an agreement, he could hold a contempt vote today, one step closer to a full house vote that could place holder in contempt of congress. in the meantime the department of justice is conducting its own internal fast and furious investigation we could have the results sometimes next month. in washington. >> speaking of that, coming up at our 8:00 hour florida representative john micah who sits on the house committee oversight joins us live to talk about today's hearing. in other news there's been
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a shakeup on virginia board in the wake of the school's leadership fight. he's an alexandria businessman who was reported to the board. he leaves the board 2 years before his term was to exspire. he said he hope to begin a needed healing process at the university following major up roar over the forced -- theresa sullivan. >> a 15-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition this morning. police tell us the neighbor found the teen yesterday on a field, he was flown to trauma and there's no word on suspect or possible motive. we have an update in delaware state police said a suspect in a murder at ocean side motel was found dead.
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they had warrants charging a 26- year-old of first-degree murder in the death of 26-year-old mother from pennsylvania. they found danielle dead monday morning. police in new jersey found kumar's body in bellville yesterday. in the race for the white house republican candidate mitt romney says abc news got it wrong and florida senate marco rubio is being considered for vice president. they reported yesterday that rubio was not in the running for the no. 2 spot but immediately romney shot down those reports. >> senator rubio has repeatedly declined to comment on the vice presidential selection process. >> all right. well we continue to follow some breaking news out of the district this morning. >> police say a man suspected in a deadly shooting is now
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barricaded in a home. lauren demarco is on the scene now with the latest. >> good very frightening morning out here for folks. they are coming out of their homes they have been moved away and police are here at very active scene. it all started with a shooting that was first reported just before 2:00 a.m. this morning. again the 1700 block of 17th 17th street here. the victim was a man he was shot in the chest around police say he did not survive. police believe the suspect won in connection with that shooting barricaded himself in a nearby home you can see this scene, we have several police cruisers there, the fire truck there with a ladder connected to the home at this point. there's a s.w.a.t. team called in. there were possibly other injuries in connection with
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this. this is minnesota and s street up at 17th both are blocked off at this team. a lot of folks out here and curious trying to find out what's going on. we are getting for an update, as soon as we have that we'll get back to you with an update. for now that's the latest here in southeast lauren demarco. >> they want to stay in the home it's possible to stay safe. >> it is 11 minutes after 7:00 now on this wednesday morning. coming up a proposed band in new york city is catching fire. find out which cities are looking to enforce similar bans rs that's ahead. >> summer officially begins this evening and guess what it's ticking off with a
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scorcher. when we come back. stay with us.
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hot song for this hot day. >> good music today. >> yes. >> we are back live with a lookout side, where temperatures continue to rise. >> summer doesn't officially start for another few hours, just how hot is it supposed to get? tucker barnes. >> when tony starts singing that song to me. >> one to have hottest songs. >> it is everywhere. >> and all kinds of parodies of it on youtube. >> very entertaining. >> let's do weather real fast
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for you, hot, obviously hotter later today. a heat advisory goes into effect at 12 noon. humidity, way on up, 85%, dew point left us with 70 degrees that is off the charts uncomfortable winds, don't currently have any, out of the north, if we had even one hour for our wind. heat advisory all the counties in orange go into effect at noon if you are wondering what the red is, that is a heat warning, a little different their temperatures will push 110 over the next couple days. >> we think we have it bad. >> core of the heat will be washington north and east and even boston will get some pretty good heat. high pressure, big dome of high pressure, put much on the cap in the way of thunderstorm
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activity. maybe an isolated storm, extreme temperatures later today in the mountains otherwise, just a lot of sunshine and heat, 96 this afternoon near 100 tomorrow, 98 tomorrow officially, a little cooler friday, clouds and thunderstorms and a cold front, upper 80s. still on the warm side. >> look at that cool down, 88. >> thank you sir. >> julie wright is in hog heaven this morning, because she likes -- [ laughter ] >> i apologize. >> she is every morning. >> i really did not -- >> and you wonder why i take so much vacation. if you had to work with these two weather guys wouldn't you want to be on vacation all the time. >> where were you going with that? talking harleys. >> she is in heaven. >> you know what? you should just zip it. >> i was really trying to grasp
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for what did he mean. >> you owe me, a cannon ball off the high dive for that mr. perkins. >> yes, i do. >> well, you are right i am loving it hot and steamy couldn't ask for anything more for those stuck in traffic if the heat, not a fun ride. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway the crash occurred, south of 197 our wazers just popped up and showed us traffic was at a stand still. crash has traffic squeezing by to the right shoulder only, southbound, south of 197 thank you chopper brad. n dot on the way as well. wall to wall southbound out of laurel headed down toward that accident scene. northbound, approaching 175, eyes open for fire and rescue heading northbound headed out towards baltimore. we will update the ride elsewhere. slow going through the work zone university boulevard, colesville road. lanes are open outer loop, 450.
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that stalled car has been moved out of the roadway. northbound, ramp 50, checking for accident activity. out of german town leaving 118 towards mba that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. i love you julie thank you very much. visitors to national mall are we not doing that story now? it just disappeared. okay. visitors to the national mall are going to get a strong message about education, 857 empty school desks. officials from college board says that represents the number of students who drop out of school every day. college board wants to spotlight what it calls the crisis in american education. they are calling on candidates for president to quote don't forget ed. michael bloomberg is receiving smack over his sugary drink campaign. as aiynsley earhart explains the proposal is coming to light
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in other cities as well. >> many factors contribute to childhood obesity but the single biggest is soda and other sugar sweetened beverages. >> this was the mayor last month his anti obesity campaign took aim at large sugary drinks in new york city. now some other politicians are launching their own proposed big soda ban. los angeles, city councilman mitch englander is one of them he wants to ban them from city parks and library vending machines, the amount of sugar will lead to obesity he poured out 22 packets of sugar on the table the same amount of the sweet stuff in a 20-ounce soda. >> for each additional drink a child consumes per day, his or her risk of obesity increases by an astonishing 60%. >> reporter: one vending machine distributor says it is bad for business. >> our business model doesn't work, it doesn't work if we don't have the products that
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consumers want to buy. >> reporter: davis is the mayor of cambridge massachusetts also jumping onboard the big soda ban she wants to limit sugary drinks to 16-ounces in restaurants in her city. >> weight is such an issue. >> reporter: some say government is over stepping bounds. >> our government needs to tell us what size drink we need with our meal? what else are they going to try to tell us. >> granted i have lost 60 pounds not drinking sugary drinks but i don't want someone wagging their finger with me. 7:21 a.m., coming up a secret mission, unmanned drone lands in california, after a lengthy mission but the airforce is tight lipped about its findings. anyone heading down towards the ocean today. take a look at this cute little guy. >> aw. >> find out how to help pick
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his name. >> fun. >> later on, holly, learning how to make boats she will want to take a boat out on the water today that's for sure. more on a program that teaches life and work skills to disadvantaged children on the other side. stay with us, 7:22 a.m. . 
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that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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good news this morning a cab ride in the district about to get a little cheaper the $1 fuel surcharge is set to expire at midnight. the fee was imposed in march 2011 and has been extended three times since then. dc taxi cab commission says gas prices have been falling and projections indicate, a further slide likely throughout the summer. if you plan to travel to the beach today, plan accordingly, bay bridge will be closed for 40 minutes beginning 1:15 p.m. this afternoon. this is being done as a precaution, so four cargo
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cranes can move under and make their way to the port of baltimore. officials say they were worried drivers would stop to watch and cause accidents. the key bridge near baltimore will also close for about 20 minute that is correct will be at about 3:15 p.m. national zoo needs your help nameling its new black howler monkey. little guy there, just 3 months old. here are the options. sumak means beautiful, orajas. nando or loki. the zoo says the names were chosen because they reflect the monkey's traits and personality. you can vote on facebook and the winning name will be announced friday. i thought he looked like a nando. >> i like that one. >> yeah. >> okay we will send that one in. >> time 7:26 a.m., coming up mickey mouse in space. and you don't want to miss the image nasa caught ahead. >> plus, the latest on the
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campaign trail. marco rubio may not be at the top of romney's vp list or he might be. very confusing. and while the republican says michigan is his key to the white house jim and peter are here to talk about that and the president's immigration moves. as we head to break, live lookout side right now, we are going to get the latest, weather and traffic from tucker and julie, and looks like either an accident or construction, really holding up some traffic there, we will get an update on what that is about. time now 7:27 a.m.
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7:30 a.m., a secret spacecraft operated by the u.s. airforce completed the longest space mission ever last weekend t x 37 b orbital test vehicle landed in california after spending a record 15 months in space its loaded with top secret equipment and now some are wondering what it was doing all that time, circling the globe. the airforce is not commenting on its cargo. >> hmm. an unusual discovery on mercury, nasa's messenger probe shot this photo in the southern region. if you look closely it does resemble mickey mouse. see there the outline of the
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big round ears and the chin, rounded chin i would say, messenger has been orbiting mercury since march and delivered more than 100,000 images. i see it. >> yeah. >> but as we were talking i don't know i would see it unless someone said doesn't that look like mickey mouse >> i would. disney says they are building a theme park on mercury. >> i am sure they are. >> the other question if is military aircraft was secret how do we have video >> they want to say look what we can do. >> yeah >> i don't know. >> maybe another leak. >> back here on earth meantime. >> temperatures, we are hot, we are going to be hotter, still, later this afternoon believe it or not it is already a warm and humid start. we will kick it off with the headlines the heat is on. it is back talking air temperatures as we are expecting highs in the mid-90s. actual air temperatures but will feel like triple digits
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because, anybody who has lived here for a time knows when we get air temperatures in the 90s and humidity, it is often like triple digits. it will later today. sunrise is 7:09 p.m., longest sunshine of the year today. good news with this whole summary blast this year, this will only last a couple days. your heat advisory, heat index 100 to 105 later today, entire area much of the area with exception of across the bay under this heat advisory again, this will be in effect for noon today, until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night this will be a long duration, that is part of the problem with these heat waves they last not only during the day but night time. lows expected to fall back upper 70s low 80s. 76 degrees washington 73 leonard town not a lot of
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cooling overnight. 76 annapolis. a bit of relief along the western shore of the bay. there is your satellite radar high pressure, big dome, summer high pressure will deliver hot weather not only for washington but philly, new york, right up into southern new england expecting possible record temperatures over the next couple days and we just don't have anything to provide relief eventually a cold front will get in here arrive late in the day friday. cooler temperatures through the weekend. 96, sunshine could be an isolated storm, honestly i think the day will be dry winds out of the north and west, dry. mostly clear warm, humid overnight, 77 the overnight low. oppressive feeling even later at night. 98 tomorrow do it again tomorrow better friday could be late day storms much better by saturday and sunday. less humidity highs in the upper 80s. that is weather let's do traffic and julie, i am tweeting with you back and
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forth. >> two words, banana boat. >> oh, yeah. >> we will need that today for sure. tuck tore crew in sky fox hovering above this crash. southbound, baltimore washington parkway. you are at a big back up leading 32 this is traffic coming off 197, merge southbound again traffic is squeezing by to the right but the tow truck on the scene looks like park police moved some of our vehicles over to that grassy shoulder. southbound, big back up leaving 32. they found a crash south of 198 underneath the overpass but that has been moved over to the shoulder lanes are open, southbound, after 197 stay to the right in order to get by, inside outer loop of the belt way, slow going college park headed into our work zone university boulevard crash inner loop of the belt way cleared at 450, again the work zone university boulevard slowing down as you travel east of silver spring headed around toward college park northbound baltimore washington parkway,
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exit for 50, accident reported as you travel out of downtown southeast washington that is where there is an ongoing investigation, lauren reporting live from the scene but you will find a portion of minnesota avenue still blocked off north of good hope road. virginia, inner loop, bogged down from the latest, headed out towards 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. mitt romney, has been tight lipped about who his running mate might be but lashing out at reports it will not be florida senator marco rubio. romney made it clear tuesday, he is still being vetted what is the real story who is still on the list of potential vice president's, joining us now,peter feen and jim innocenzi. thank you for coming in. this is a little unusual, abc news i think the washington post reported, hey, they haven't asked for any financial papers from rubio, he is not being vetted not being considered and then romney
7:36 am
comes out s says well, yes, he is being considered those reports are false. do we know what is going on here? does it really matter? >> well, first of all no one really know what is is going on because people up in boston are not going to tell anybody what is going on. it is still june and the convention is not until you know the end of august. so there is still plenty of time my guess is there isn't a lot of vetting any ways maybe there has been but you know, the people that are talking, don't know. so, i think it is really -- and of course, what is romney going to say yeah, that's right, of course he is going to have to come back and say yes, he is still on the list whether he is or isn't. no one knows. >> peter,. >> peter knows. >> what? are you holding back? >> the week after the president announces that he is going to put in place basically a version of the dream act which by the way rubio supported, and romney said he was going to veto, there is a little concern
7:37 am
amongst the romney camp about the hispanic vote. the notion which probably, i hate to say it, probably what was going on, he was not asked for any of this, but let me tell you this week he was asked. i mean it was not like jim says you are not going to say he is off the list. that would be -- >> ease personally right now. >> -- especially right now. >> right. >> you know, i think romney is being a little too -- >> i don't want to dwell on it too much one reason i ask does it matter rubio pretty much made it clear he is not interested he wants to remain in senate, et cetera. >> you know, everybody is going to say that. whether he is or isn't, he is a freshman senator, being vice presidential material, we had a freshman senator, but still, i think, i still think in this
7:38 am
situation, they still have time and you know, really the campaign, still needs to progress a little bit before they make final decisions they have to look at a series of different decisions both on a statewide basis, does that help the ticket, what demographics do they need the hispanic vote is very important, putting a hispanic on the ticket would send certain tickets putting a woman would send other signals, some body from the midwest, maybe some body from florida. all those things go into consideration before they make a consideration. lots to think about. >> peter you alluded to president's immigration plan now, policy that would allow certain illegal immigrants maybe up to 800,000 to at least delay deportation, we already have at least one representative, from arizona, proposing legislation to block this, is this -- were you surprised that the president came out with this plan at this
7:39 am
particular time? >> i tell you we had a meeting at the white house, on friday, right at the time of this announcement, and i tell you, the feeling in that room, was of universal appreciation, folks said, what a great decision, beautifully put together by the homeland security department. look, what do they want to do go after 15-year-old sophomores in high school, studying hard? is that what they want to put out? or go after folks that are breaking the law, that are potential terrorists. easy call for janet napolitano. this president, made -- it was a gut ski call but this is something, -- gutsy call but this is something if the republicans want to take it on, take it on. peter king from iowa says he is going to sue the president, on what grounds? >> well, jim -- >> yes, peter. >> how about this thing called the constitution. >> we debated it all the way.
7:40 am
>> what did he violate jim? >> congress passed a law he decided willie nilly we are not going to enforce some of these laws peter, this is race baiting at its best. you know -- >> who is doing race baiting? >> obama administration is. oh, i am sorry they can't do that. >> peter king. >> peter feen listen to me this is a cynical act by this president because he knows there are sections of -- there are going to be a lot of people upset about this situation including the congressman from arizona who happens to live down there and has the deal with this immigration program. no, there is a law in congress, congress passed a law now all of a sudden the president says we are not going to force this section of the law he can't do that. >> jim. >> he did it -- >> well, my point on this -- look, -- >> what -- >> as someone who comes to the united states as a kid, brought here, goes to school. this is a girl, graduating from miami high school, she is the
7:41 am
top of her class she is going to dart mouth she is not being deported i am very happy about that. >> how about all the people that come in legally, all the people that follow rules is it fair to them? >> they are not citizens every two years they have to renew this. >> what about the charge, that potentially it takes jobs away from americans who are looking. >> that's it. now we have all these kids another 800,000 people in the country, where are they going the find jobs? what is the president doing? this is a cynical move this isn't about jobs this is about votes. >> this is about fairness and doing what is right. >> here is -- this is the issue obviously this is something republicans will make hay out of >> i hop they come at us i really do. >> good. >> great debate. >> what's up. >> you've been warned sarah. >> thanks guys. time coming up 7:42 a.m., dcs mayor makes good on his pledge to give you a place to go to
7:42 am
honor chuck brown. firefighters make progress out west, summer weather could hinder efforts an update on those unruly wild fires coming up what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's.
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cheffirefighters are making -- firefighters are making head way in colorado. the fire near fort collins is 55% contained but could be weeks or months before it is finally under control. flames are charred 93 square miles and destroyed, 189 homes. fire was sparked by lightning 11 days ago. >> late god father of go do may soon live on in a dc park. mayor grey may designate the western portion of langdon park as chuck brown park. in a statement the family thanked mayor grey for the honor, they hope it will be a place for people to come together and celebrate things most important to chuck those things being family, life, peace, and love. be careful heading to the park today. water, sun screen,. >> lots of water. >> hat.
7:46 am
>> stay out of the sun between 10 and 3 it will be extremely hot. a live shot, and what you are really seeing is all that watt inner the atmosphere, the haze out there, a lot of humidity of course, they come hand in hand this time of year, expect, you know, fairly dangerous heat later this afternoon as air temperatures will be in the mid- 90s. mid-90s it will feel like 100 to 105. 76 washington lots of heat to start your day we just didn't cool off overnight. overnight low was 74, 74 now baltimore, ocean city, 71, after being in the 60s overnight. all right, why the heat? well, high pressure oximate the humid conditions expected i mentioned the heat index the heat advisory goes into effect noon today, not a whole lot of relief until friday, a cold front will approach from the north and west and bring us some showers, maybe some thunderstorms and behind that,
7:47 am
less humid air and slightly cooler for the weekend. good news, this blast of heat won't last a terribly long period of time. there is your 5 day. 96 today, 98 tomorrow. record for the day 99. >> gosh even friday will feel like a relief. >> a little better. >> thanks tucker. all right here is julie wright with the latest on this mornings rush hour traffic. big problems out there. hey, julie. >> unfortunately we have our hands full southbound, baltimore washington parkway, sky fox is above that accident which is cleared, lanes are open but traffic from 32 down to the accident scene, a slow roll down to 30 miles an hour, 95 could save you time if you want to use that as the alternate route. canal roadblocked off, inbound, canal road, blocked off, with police activity that will force a lot of you folks on to the gw parkway, just south, 14 miles an hour headed down toward the chain bridge that is a check of
7:48 am
your fox 5 on time traffic. coming up, holly's learning about boat building. >> part of a project that helps disadvantaged kids let's check with holly. >> hey, guys we are busy building boats what a great day to build boats, right? going to be a hot one. nice to take a boat out on the water live in old town where they are building more than boats but their own life skills. we will tell you about it and why they need help, all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model,
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all in one place. carmax. start here.
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7:51 a.m., alexandria sea port, teaches life and work skills through boat building. they just receive add big grant to continue that work. >> holly morris is learning more she joins us live from alexandria. >> hey, guys this really is a wonderful program we featured
7:52 am
it a couple times it always warrants more attention and they did just receive a nice $50,000 grant from economic club of washington. 138 organizations were nominated only 10 were chosen they were one of those. there are people out there, who believe in the mission but the guy who believes in it most of all happens to be the executive director, congratulations on your grant that is wonderful news. >> thank you it is wonderful. >> testament to the wonderful work that you are doing here for people that aren't familiar with your mission talk about the core of the program. >> our mission is really to use the age old craft of buildingwooden boats, context for teaching new skills for use with all ages our core program is working with the paid preapprenticeship program working with at risk youth between the ages of 18 and 22. >> what kids do you see taking part. >> most kids come here young men and women come here, are
7:53 am
maybe they have run afoul of the law, dropped out to of school they need a helping hand to get a start in life. >> gets them on the right track but gives them someone to believe in them which probably is part of half the battle. >> exactly the life skills,. >> one thing i think is interesting is how the hourly wage is determined i am not talking about amount but how you have an underlying thing that says there has to be pleasurable achievement that dictate -- measurable achievement that dictates how much you make. >> exactly right. we teach them accountability, responsibility, respect, for others,. >> the better you do at all of that the more money you make. >> exactly right. >> there is a school academic side of this if the children need it. >> yes, some kid that is come in here need a ged they dropped out of school, we will help them. >> and so the program, now it takes two years to build a boat? >> it takes about two years to build these dories. >> i would imagine most of the
7:54 am
kids haven't done much with wood working or building old time boats. >> exactly right. when they come to us they are starting from scratch. we have projects, you know, they can't always build you know a boat. so we will have projects, to bring them along and teach them basic mathematics associated with boat building. >> you don't fund the program by selling the boats. >> no, we do not. the way we get the money to fund these programs is basically through individual donor who is really believe in what we are doing and support us we also get it from grantprivate foundations. >> sure like the one you just received but in the day and age i am sure it is always tough to try to get support because so many organizations are in need. >> that's right we need donors willing to support this great work. >> another way people can support is volunteering their time. >> that's right. >> that is where jay comes in because he is a wonderful volunteer here and hard at work this morning, or he was, maybe he is good -- are you
7:55 am
delegating jay? >> i am delegating. christian is planing a rutter. tapering the feather edge of the rutter, the boats -- the boats are an object on which kids can focus, learn their skills, peer work with adults so that you are building respect, building your skills, uroleneing and applying things you learn in the classroom through practical applications. >> have you been building boats your whole life? >> just about. >> just about did you ever imagine you would be able to take those skills and get this much more out of it other than just a wonderfully, beautiful hand made boat? >> not until the last ten years. >> why do you give your time so much to something like this? >> because of the kids. if can i see a kid pick up a tool, learn a skill, it is a great day. >> how much time do you spend here? >> three days a week. >> really? what would you say to someone
7:56 am
who is maybe considering volunteering their time? >> you get more satisfaction by teaching young people, than anything i ever did in the corporate life. this is the best. >> you come out with some pretty good boats. >> we have some volunteers who are really highly skilled crafts men and our kids become that way they learn to take pride, when this is done, he will be able the look back on it and just take a little pride in that part and years from now, he will see the boat in the river, and he built that. >> say i did that. i did that. right? >> well, he is able to do it because of people like you so thank you here is what you need to know our website we have a link to the aleck sandedly yeah sea port foundation they would love to hear from you, coming up next hour, we will move on to the furniture they make here and talk more about the differences they are making in these young people's lives. >> thank you very much. coming up next hour, a
7:57 am
former tsa agent caught on camera, turning the tables on an agent at an airport. we will show you the video. attorney general eric holder facing a vote that would hold him in contempt of congress. florida representative, john micah joins us live to talk about today's hearing. we will be right back
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we are following a breaking news situation in southeast washington. it all started with a deadly shooting now a barricade situation. police, fbi involved, all details coming up straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. thank you very much. also making headlines will attorney general eric holder be found in contempt of congress today. a house panel could take that controversial vote. we will talk with one of the members who sits on the committee. >> bargain shopping at the police station in fox consumer guru shows us all how to save big time on designer clothes, jewellery, handbags and more going through the cops good morning on this first day of
8:01 am
summer, boy a hot one at that. i am will thomas in for allison. >> i am tony perkins welcome to fox 5 morning news. we will get to that breaking news story in a couple moments first we will turn to tucker barnes to talk about this extraordinary heat. >> potential for record breaking heat, highs mid-90s, mix of humidity it will feel like 100 plus >> i look forward to that. >> not many of us do. first day of summer 7:09 p.m. tonight. >> hey, 76 right now washington not terribly cool out there to start your day lots of humidity as well you will feel that wet blanket when you head out the door. 74 at the naval air station and baltimore too, these temperatures will jump quickly well into the 80s next hour or so. heat advisory, goes into effect 12 noon through 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night that is a combination of the heat and humidity will make it feel like 100 to 105 later today. that heat advisory dangerous heat, bring the animals in, lots of water for you and stay
8:02 am
out of direct sunlight between 10 and 3 as this heat will be dangerous next couple days. sentinel radar, maybe a pop up thunder storm out to the west the rest of us will be scorching under abeliaserring summer time -- a blistering summer time sunshine. >> just hearing ability this the beads -- about this, the beads of sweat are welling up on the back of my neck. someone towel me off now. >> there you go. thank you. >> julie wright i know you like the heat but you can't like this weather. >> that's why god invented a swimming pool or in tuckers case the hose in the backyard. >> that's right. that can be fun. >> all right. on the roads right now, you are going to find the bw parkway still grid locked with traffic leaving 32 headed down to 197. 30 miles an hour headed out of columbia, down toward laurel
8:03 am
and accident activity finally cleared. inbound, canal road a portion of that is blocked off before fox hall because of police activity lots of folks forced over to the gw parkway, that is now down to 14 miles an hour headed down towards the 123 interchange travelling the outer loop, low speed, 95 to georgia, inner loop backing up past colesville road, headed into the work zone southbound 270, looking through that haze, we have accident hack ayety moved to the -- activity moved to the left shoulder. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we continue to follow breaking news out of the district a man suspected in the deadly shooting, barricaded, at least he was inside a home. >> yeah, there are developments now this is happening 1700 block, 17th street, southeast dc. lauren demarco is live at the scene with the latest, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know you actually have a better view than i do because
8:04 am
our photographer is able to zoom in. what we were seeing is at least one gentleman taken out of the home in handcuffs he was followed by a woman carrying a child she was not in handcuffs but also taken out and then two more men, were removed from the home. a total of three men taken from the home, by authorities. a shooting just before 2:00 a.m. this is the 1700 block, 17th street, southeast dc, a man was shot in the chest i am getting word we are now bringing another person out of the home so the victim originally was shot in the chest. that victim did not survive there was a deadly shooting then the suspect or it appears more than one suspect were barricaded inside this nearby home. police have been in swat gear, police are also ports of possib injuries, so neighbors told me they heard just one shot fired this morning, neighbors here
8:05 am
have been very emotional police have the scene shut down they have been keeping folks back but we did see people tears, crying as they heard news coming from the scene the streets blocked off, are minnesota avenue and s street at 17th, 17th also locked off there are several stage -- blocked off there are several staging areas we see a fire truck, letting swat teams get up on the roof on a ladder. there is a separate scene around another corner as well where additional fbi in full body armor were stationed with police, fire and ems ambulances here as well. so, that is the latest here in southeast washington looks like at least three people taken in handcuffs possibly more this is an ongoing situation we will bring you the latest as we get updates from authorities live in southeast, lauren demarco, fox 5 morning news back to you in studio. lauren thanks for the update.
8:06 am
we just want to point out any people we have been seeing come out in restraints not necessarily the suspect in the crime, they may be taken out in restraints for the safety of the officers as well. lauren will stay on scene and continue to bring us live coverage. >> moving on top stories including the jerry sandusky trial it is the child sex abuse trial being talked about around the world. his wife dotty testified for defense yesterday she told the court she remembers most of the men who accused her husband of abusing them as children but said she never saw any inappropriate contact with them when they visited the couples home. the former penn state football coach is charged with 51 counts of child abuse and could face life in prison if convicted. sandusky denies all the charges. the prince georges county council woman police say was speeding over 100 miles an hour on the belt way in february is due in court today. she could face fines up to $500
8:07 am
plus 6 points on her license. she was originally given just a ticket for an unsafe lane change, tolls repeatedly apologized for the incident. in just a few hours harry thomas junior will no longer be a free man the former dc councilmember will start serving his 38 month prison term in alabama. he left dc with his family yesterday he was sentenced to federal prison last month after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $350,000 in kiss trick funds. meantime a new -- district funds. >> men time, a new controversy rocks city hall. major grey is sticking by his pick to head the housing and community development. >> michael kelly left after having an affair with his coworker. matt has the story. >> reporter: despite this most recent development mayor grey says he continues to support michael kelly and will continue to push through this nomination. he has been nominated as director of department of
8:08 am
housing and community development at issue is a number of media reports in philadelphia where he has been director of housing authority those reports allege he was having a sexual relationship with someone who worked for him. those media reports claim kelly may have even given that employee large raises, mayor grey says kelly admitted to the sexual affair, but was cleared of any wrong doing, by the department of housing and urban development. grey says it is important to remember kelly was successful in his position as housing authority director here in dc, for many years. >> michael had a very very successful career, here in the city. i worked closely with michael he was here for 8 years i think in 2000 and 2008 i worked closely with him he was a nationally respected professional, as far as we know, he laid out the details he brought it to us, and you know, we had the issue
8:09 am
verified, through hud. >> primary issue should be his ability and skills, in regard to housing obviously if there is something in his personal life s it has been getting this much attention in philadelphia we should look at that as well. >> reporter: it is important to note this is a nomination so there still needs to be a public hearing and also, a full council vote on this issue. in the newsroom. fox 5 news. in other news a 15-year-old boy shot in howard county maryland is in critical but stable condition this morning. police tell us a neighbor found the teen last night in a field on frederick road in earl cot city. he was flown to shock trauma. no word on a suspect or possible motive. new details in this week's murder in dewy beach delaware the man believed to have kill add woman inside a beach motel was found dead himself in new jersey it is believed he took his own life investigators believe he killed danielle
8:10 am
inside the atlantic ocean side motel. her body was found tuesday morning yesterday police found him dead in a motel room in belleville new jersey. melman's mother said he left a suicide note. an update on mubarak. will the u.s. attorney general will held in contempt of congress he may get one step closer today. just ahead we are headed to capital hill to chat with a congressman how this could all play out. we will be right back 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
time now, for top stories. egypt's mubarak on life support, he is reportedly in grave condition after he suffered a stroke he was moved to a military hospital by ambulance he was declared clinically dead when he got there but military says critical condition this morning. female airline passenger busted after turning the tables
8:14 am
on a tsa agent. passenger caroll price is a former tsa agent, at an airport in southwest florida. she says the routine pat down she was given in april, crossed the line so guess what? she decided to demonstrate it on her former boss. price was arrested and charged with misdemeanour battery the attorney says the two women didn't get along when they worked together and the arrest is a case of retaliation. on the national mall today, officials from the college board are holding an event to spotlight what they call the crisis in american education. they've put 857 empty school desks on display, to represent the number of students with drop out of school every day. the college board wants education to be an issue in the presidential race. >> 857 is a lot. >> really is. >> wow. >> all right. >> number alarming in the weather department as well really heating up let's get a check right now, from tucker barnes, but first, the cute factor.
8:15 am
>> cool down. >> cool down factor today will, that what we call it when temperatures will be 90 or above. let's chill out with, this is will. whichever >> oche >> yeah. >> will, this is will. >> taken a few years ago. >> i can see the resemblance. this particular will is 20 months old. >> aw. >> this is a sweet story his mom says he is just a really happy boy. i think it is great. he was enjoying outdoor fun in the photo as we can tell. >> great face. >> he does. >> and kind of a happy smile there looks like summer time, maybe not quite as hot as today. >> to send your child's photo go to and click on mornings. thank you for the picture will and you will need that hat later this afternoon it will be scorching hot around here later today, a live shot, lots of
8:16 am
watt inner the atmosphere -- watt inner the atmosphere, actual air temperatures in the 90s. heat index pushing 100 currently 78 washington 79 annapolis, temperatures changing as we speak. cull pepper, 75 degrees. heat advisory later today, going into effect, 12 noon. temperatures 90s. dew point temperatures, this is fairly extraordinary, 72 the current dew point in washington, 70 annapolis, that is uncomfortable and that will be a big play inner the forecast next couple days, not much to show you, satellite radar, big dome will keep us nice and dry hot for the next couple days, record high for today, 99 degrees, we will fall a few degrees short of that but get another chance to set a record tomorrow. record breaking heat around here, 96 today, 98 tomorrow, a little better friday with showers and storms late in the day, cooler, and less humid for
8:17 am
your weekend, right now, your first full weekend of summer looks much improved highs upper 80s. that's weather let's do traffic. >> can you say pool party. >> your house. >> nutty buddies, banana boat. >> there you go. all right tuck, on the road, trying to get to work on time our fox 5 wazers are checking in. this is a live shot inbound new york avenue, as you try to make your way past south dakota. we appreciate your picks especially when your pictures come from passengers in your vehicle. this red car here over in the distance, that is actually someone with a speed camera, watch speeds inbound new york avenue although i can as sure you the pace is so slow i don't think you are doing much above the speed limit, leaving northeast to northwest. safe picture from the passenger in the car. out on the roads we have our hands full problems inbound stretch canal roadblocked off
8:18 am
between reservoir and fox hole due to police activity forcing everyone over to the gw parkway. right now, south of the belt way you are in pretty good shape however traffic will slow once you make your way past 123 headed out towards the key bridge inbound suit land parkway headed over to south capital and douglas bridge remains heavy, slow, steady, 395 between the belt way and king, 14th street bridge delays out bound, slow exit to the northbound side of the gw parkway accident activity reported on that ramp. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. house oversight committee could proceed in considering a contempt measure against u.s. attorney general, eric holder unless he turns over at least some documents, the committee is asking for, in connection to operation fast and furious that is a botched firearms sting operation, that allowed weapons to reach mexican drug gangs, with more on how this could play out today republican congressman, john micah joins us live from capital hill good
8:19 am
to have you with us on fox 5. >> good to be with you. >> we understand there was a meeting yesterday with eric holder no resolution, at this point right? >> that's right. it looks like at 10:00 a.m., the committee will convene s will proceed with , and will proceed with contempt to cite the attorney general. >> let me give background here the fast and furious operation attempted to sell thousands of guns to arms dealers along the u.s. mexico border, to trace them to leaders of drug cartels but many showed up at crime scenes including where a u.s. border patrol agent was killed in a shoot out. congressman we know it was a botched failed operation, what is the committee getting at here with these documents? >> well, first of all two things, this was attempt by obama administration to blame violence in mexico and killings down there, on illegal weapons, that came from the united states. that was the first thing. secondly, they denied to the
8:20 am
committee, for almost all of last year, 11 months, involvement, and the attorney general's knowledge of this whole scheme that went south and one agent was killed. and since then they've stone wall ever walled us, given us a few documents -- they've stone walled us given us a few documents, and the investigative committee, an arm of the house of representatives to investigate the matter that is not acceptable period. >> well, eric holder said he made an unprecedented offer of documents and briefing to the committee, which so far has been turned down what would you say to that? >> absolutely no compromise in this. he is the attorney general of the united states, an agent was killed, in this fiasco which if he knew about it, he should be removed immediately, if he didn't know about it, it is
8:21 am
allele of incorn dance that is unaccept double -- a level of income tans that is unacceptable. we should we've those documents shouldn't be any -- receive those documents, shouldn't be any game playing he will be held in contempt. this is now how we operate the government of the united states. a judicial arm not complying with the law is not acceptable. >> do you think they are trying to dribble and drab this out so it goes beyond the election. >> exactly. this is not a game, this is a very serious matter a whole fiasco under the department of justice the attorney general's office, which is you know, it should be held in the highest esteem they are responsible for prosecuting cases not committing offences in which agents are killed and the laws broken. there is just no compromise
8:22 am
period. >> congressman john micah from florida thank you for joining us. stay tuned the committee convenes 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> that's right. thank you. still ahead this morning michael phelps laying ground work for a record number of olympic medals. >> what he is doing to increase odds coming up. >> right now 22 minutes after 8:00 a.m. we will be right back
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
michael phelps reportedly entering 7 events at the u.s. swimming trials in omaha nebraska next week if he swims in all he could be on track to pick up 10 medals this summer in london. the rigorous trials will be much tougher than phelps had in 2008 when he dominated beijing. this year he faces much stronger competition. swimming is helping a texas teen beat the odds. doctors diagnosed landon light with a rare disease called trance verse miyalatis. >> some times that word, and you would agree never turns out to be the boost of inspiration and that is what landon has
8:26 am
done from a hospital bed to walking with crutches even earned a spot on the school's swim team. >> blown away. the first meet, i cried. and i think everybody in the stands was absolutely blown away. >> great eye opener and stuff, that everything is not perfect all the time you need god to help you get through everything. >> landon is still receiving specialized treatment at children's hospital of dallas. tenacity and apparently faith as well. >> good for him. >> important information for anyone headed to the eastern shore it has to do with a complete closure of the bay bridge later on details coming up. forget ebay, craig's list if you want a real steal go straight to the cops. we will explain how it works in today's consumer report after the break, time now 8:26 a.m.
8:27 am
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8:29 a.m. taking a look at stories making headlines, if you plan to travel to the beach today, plan accordingly. the bay bridge will be closed, for 40 minutes beginning at 1:15 p.m. this afternoon, they are closing the bridge as a precaution, as four new cargo cranes make their way to the port of baltimore officials say they were worried drivers would stop to watch and cause accidents key bridge near baltimore will also close for about 20 minutes, that will be at 3:15 p.m. national zoo needs help naming its new black howler monkey. he is just 3 months old. here are the options name choices suma, orajhas, loki. the names were chosen because they reflect the monkey's traits and personality vote on facebook the winning name will be announced friday.
8:31 am
>> south african student getting global recognition for his invention, that takes water out of bathing. 22-year-old ludwig invented a product called dry bath a clear gel, applied to the skin and does the work of water and soap odourless, bio degradable, dry bath is now being manufactured commercially he says he was inspired by a friend who complained he was too lazy to take a shower when they were teens. i can see the benefits in areas where water is at a premium. >> there are situations where you can't get to a shower. >> and teenagers too. >> and fraternity, yeah. >> do you guys want to weigh in on the names. >> i like loki. >> nando. >> loki? >> yeah, i said that earlier. >> it was early. >> i nought nando. >> whatever they call him is fine. >> you know my real vote from
8:32 am
earlier today. >> bananas. >> right. >> we are going to feel bananas later on. >> yeah, next couple days, temperatures -- we have been talking about it all week, they will be in the mid-90s but it will feel warmer than that as our heat index will get to 100 to 105 later today. this is our first go around this year. 78 now washington, actual air temperature 78 baltimore, 79 at the naval air station. off to the west, drop back to 60s. 73 winchester. looking at our heat advisory, goes into effect at 12 noon the caution here, is that the heat index is going to be approaching 105 later today, mix in the combination of the actual air temperature with that humidity. so take, all the precautions lots of water, working outdoors, if you are going to be exercising later, make sure you stay hydrated and bring the
8:33 am
animals in, temperatures will be dangerous for a time later today and really night time hours we will not get a lot of relief overnight temperatures will fall back upper 70s low 80s. why the heat, high pressure building from the west. that will cruise overhead and deliver extreme temperatures not only in washington but philly and new york too will flirt with records over the next couple days. by friday a cool front will work in and kick off showerstorms behind that for the weekend less humid air moves in slightly cooler air by saturday and sunday. your 5 day high temperatures will be in the upper 80sment there is your 5 day. 96 today, 98 tomorrow our record today, 99 degrees. we will get awfully close to that and then cooler for the weekend highs upper 80s by saturday and sunday. that is the weather tony and will, back to you at the desk. thank you very much. designer handbags, diamonds, electronics can all be yours for pennys on the dollar. steve is live in dallas this
8:34 am
morning with the scoop on these hot deals, i think i have an idea what is going on but steve tell us about this. >> reporter: yeah, good morning tony the only thing hotter than the deals is the merchandise we will tell you why in a second. first let's talk about those great deals check out these boots, juicy couture brand new never won, $220 in the store, we got them for $25. this necklace sells for $2,000, less than a third the price. a wallet from coach, genuine rolex watch that will sell for $1,500. how about a mac book or sony handy cam or maybe a power drill from duwalt retails $150 will sell for as low as $25. >> wow. all right. that is great how do we get all of it. >> all right here is the deal
8:35 am
the source is property take a look. here is the deal when a police department has goods that are seized or recovered or just unclaimed some how, by law they have to auction those items off to the public. well, this organization came along actually started by police officers back in 1999 and said well, why don't we take that experience and put it online because no one is really showing up to these public auctions in person. they partnered with three thousand municipalities across the country to put all these products up for auction online most bidding starts at only $1 for each of these items to date they are returned more than $40 million in proceeds from these options back to city where is the property came. >> what happens if you buy one of these watches walking down the street someone walks up and says hey, that is my watch. >> well, at that point it is a little too late in the game. if you buy something, that is
8:36 am
it it is yours to keep property room will never come and say we need that back but ahead of time before an auction is closed if you go online and see something that you can prove is yours, they have something called a steal it back program where you can go on there if you can prove the product is yours property room will send it back to you we have oleining on your station -- we have a link on your station website. >> thank you sir good to see you. see you soon. easy to say that the watch would be yours but wait a minute if it is a big thug. >> hand it over whichever >> maryland race officials change history. >> we are talking about secretariat why the time has been changed. >> lebron james and miami heat are one game away from a title.
8:37 am
>> oklahoma city loss was too much for this little fan. wait until you see the full reaction to game three of the finals. next [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
8:38 am
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8:40 am
and secretariat coming to the wire. he wins it by 2.5 -- >> that footage looks like it is from the 20s. secretariat winning the 1973 preakness but his winning time was wrong maryland racing commission investigated official timing and changed the winning time to show that the colt actually beat the states record. in 1973, his time was reported as 1:54 and 2/5ths, it is updated to 1:53 flat. some nats are participating in the team's annual visit to the food bank. they are joining food bank and staff and volunteers to help prepare lunch bags taylor street, northeast, 1:00 p.m. this afternoon the weekend bag program provides food to one million needy children a week. >> speaking of nats a reminder of the next battle of the belt way, catch the nats and os on
8:41 am
fox 5 this saturday all the action starts 7:00 p.m. miami heat are now just one win from winning the nba championship, they rallied from a 17 point deficit first half to come back to beat oklahoma city last night 104 to 98 the now lead the series 3 games to 1 and could win the title tomorrow night in miami. it is safe to say get ready to laugh, for one young thunder fan the loss was tough. >> i just don't want the thunder losing it's not fair. >> don't you like lebron james? >> i hate him. >> love it all. talk about a melt down. that 6-year-old thunder fan is making big waves on youtube, for this little break down
8:42 am
after oklahoma's game. his mom was trying to console him to no avail. now my question is what is going to happen if thunderer lose. >> hopefully they won't tape it. what is amazing to me, he is 6 years old but like a lot of other people he still says well, i used to like lebron but now i hate him. you are only 6. >> you know where he is getting that. >> must be >> i think it is time now for the lesson it is just a game. >> you are right. >> all right. just a movie but still ahead, brave it could be the next big hit for pixar we will hear from the films executive producer after the break. >> this morning holly is learning about a really unique program that helping locals at risk youth. good morning. >> good morning. this is a wonderful program live at alexandria steam works, young people are learning about wood working. we will introduce you to a success story of this program so you can see first hand why
8:43 am
it might be some thing you want to support as well. all live next 
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:45 a.m. holly morris is along the potomac this morning, they have been showing her very valuable boat building techniques. >> that is not all they do there holly has all of it. >> they do, they build a lot here they build boats, furniture, but really, the big picture is they build futures for young people and that is what we are talking about this morning and that is what aj knows all about because he went through program, and so when did you go through the program? >> i aim in 2005. >> 2005. >> so what did they teach you? >> first they taught me discipline, how to become a successful, young educated young man and taught me a lot about life, and about carpentry industry and pretty much how to take control of my life. >> you know what i love your answer was the first thing you didn't say was they taught me how to build a boat.
8:47 am
the first thing you listed was discipline what would have happened if you didn't have this program. >> to be honest i don't know where i would be at right now. i didn't know where to go after i graduated high school, and when i came over here, i realized that i enjoyed working with my hands and enjoyed learning in the construction industry you will never stop learning. >> so it gave you direction. >> absolutely. >> gave you purpose. >> yes. >> and i can't talk to you too long why is that? because you have to go to work right? >> that's right. >> what are you going. >> i am a quality control engineer for dc water we are building a tunnel in dc, so it is a very interesting project and it is my first tunnel, and looking forward, to learning new things and on the niching the project. >> con -- finishing on the
8:48 am
project. >> continuing on. now you are doing lifetime projects, look at you all handsome, dressed up ready to go you got to be there at 9 you got to go the work. meanwhile i have some wood working over here fred is a volunteer with alexandria, sea port foundation, seaport wood works a new branch. >> absolutely. we were finding many times, the community pulled back their old neighbourhood was pulling them back and we wanted to try to find something we could hold on to the young men and women working here longer maybe to instill some extra dimension in their lives, maybe to help resist that pull back. so we decided to do, start a sort of furniture building for lack of a better word, terminology for it and hopefully hold on to the young men and women longer and perhaps give them life skills and carpentry skills that might help them do better in the work force. we started taking items we
8:49 am
thought, five or six items we thought would be sellable and within our range to make, and we settled on a few and got a very nice contract from the art league to build easels we started off you may see them around here you may see some of the easels. one thing we try to instill is three dimensional thinking that is to say if you make a mistake, how do we fix that mistake >> because we are going to make mistakes, be it in a project or life. >> right. >> you want to figure out how to recover from that how to make it good. lemonade out of lemons we found some of the pieces, were being milled three quarters of an inch some were milled five eighths what do you do with pieces you can't use one item we made was minieasels, desk top easels we found they became very popular. >> i want to make sure our time is fleeting i want to make sure we get in these chairs i think they are so cool, talk to me
8:50 am
real quickly about these chairs and where people can get them. >> sure. well, one of the things question found we try to use global woods and reclaimed woods, the darker pieces are 100-year-old reclaimed from the chesapeake cyprus we milled up into these beautiful pieces once again what do you do with the cut off we decided to make a kids chair so we tried to use all the materials we have, nothing is lost. the chairs all these items can be bought online here, for our internet site or through our front office in the back, adirondack chairs i have to say for the price you won't find a better made adirondack chair. >> you will sit in a chair that helped a young person's life that is priceless. >> absolutely. >> we have a link to aleck sandedly yeah sea port association. we will talk more about all the opportunities in our 9:00 a.m. hour they have a school room
8:51 am
component. back to you in studio. >> idea we told you about bieber fever at the apollo theatre, justin bieber performed there monday night for a handful of lucky fans. >> here is what wasn't so lucky during a set the power goes out. but you know what they say, right, the show must go on. ♪ [ music ] >> i think they were lucky because with the help of the crowd, bieber was able to continue his performance singing a cappella for 40 minutes, someone in the audience captured that moment. that is the video you are seeing bieber apologized but as you can hear didn't seem to bother the crowd one bit. >> good for him. >> that is great. >> a lot of artists are singing to a track. >> >> this next one directed some of the most beloved animated movies in recent years including toy story and a bugs life now john lassiter is
8:52 am
executive producer of the studios latest animated feature called brave. >> he talked with kevin mccarthy about how to get authentic performances from actors giving voice to animated characters. >> reporter: meridia is interesting if you could drop her into another pixar film classic movies and have her interact with a cast of an earlier movie which one and why? >> you can't. sorry. i mean every film is so uniquely different, and the characters are developed, sort of perfectly fit within the story -- in the world they take place in. what is so unique about meridia she is set in -- scotland is like a character it is the setting really, is wrapped into it and her other great thing about this, this is our first period film, meaning a set, fantasy adventure set in medieval times and all the rest of our films are contemporary. >> reporter: you have directed many of the pixar films
8:53 am
including toy story. voice acting aspects, these characters are not in the same room most of the time how do you allow that character to get emotionally engaged with another person not there. >> takes four years to make our films everything is meticulously made so spontaneity is not typically part of animation except in the recording studio. we always record our dialogue before we do the animation. and we get actors, the main thing we look for when we cast actors is to be a great actor, but, ad lib ability they can make the part their own. in the case of brave, especially, we got scottish born actors and actresses, kelly mcdonald who does the voice of meridia. >> i am meridia and i will be shaking for my own hand. >> reporter: we wanted her to reach back to how she grew up
8:54 am
as a teenager as a child in glasgow scotland what slang did you use that we wouldn't know about she would look at the script and say well, we wouldn't say it that way we would say it like this. we encouraged her to do that. encourage the actor to make the part their own. >> very interesting >> fascinating and four years to make. >> that is a lot of time. >> a lot of money. >> ridiculous. >> 8:54 a.m. on wednesday morning coming up kitten versus rabbit. >> no joke. video making the way around the web. it is when we come back stay with us time now 8:54 a.m.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> last night's fourth annual news babes bash for breast cancer was a big success. dozens of people joined dc area news men and women in pink at
8:58 am
the howard theatre all proceeds, benefit the mobile unit to provide free mammograms, i was happy to be there with some of my colleagues like sue palka and laura evans. a battle between a kitten and a rabbit they get into a wrestling match both animals get in, the rabbit first the kitten gets back at the rabbit, but it is the kitten who is resourceful, swats the rabbit with its paw and pounces on its back, eventually the rabbit does chase the kitten underneath the couch and that is where the kitten stayed, hartely. looks like -- smartly. looks like it was just a game we do want you to know beneather were hurt. >> no -- neither were hurt. >> no calls from the humane society by the way they are my friends there what are they going to call me? >> let me toss the baton to sarah she is back. nothing like pet video to
8:59 am
get your day going. >> all right thanks will. straight ahead on fox 5 morning news at 9, we have been telling you about it a sweltering start to summer the region is about to bake under triple digit temperatures tucker barnes is live outside with the latest. plus breaking news from southeast washington an overnight shooting leads to a police barricade we are live on scene as the swat team brings it to a peaceful end. later, tsa retaliation, caught on tape. why a woman says she broke rpor security officer after a pat down i am tony perkins. >> i am sarah simmons that was the video there. allison has the day off and we are talking about sweltering temperatures out there, of course, nothing better to do than send the weather guy outside. >> look he is playing the part you know what the sunglasses maybe you should loosen the tie tucker. >> oh, no, we got the pool going?


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